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Golf Lessons NYC and South Florida provide golf instruction to all ability levels based on the basic fundamentals of golf but also expands the learning of the golf swing and the game of golf through the Weisberger Method.  The Weisberger Method is an intuitive approach to proven results.  Our goal is to have golf be a more enjoyable experience for you by playing better golf!

Whether you have taken a golf lesson before or not, you will receive an education and an understanding of the golf swing and the game that will allow you to become the best golfer you can be.  You will learn the basic fundamentals and be taught how to make clean, crisp contact, with the ball flying where you want it too, fairly consistently.  The #1 goal is to have you experience the fun and joy that golf brings to so many people and have a GAME to PLAY for the rest of your life, whether for pleasure or business.

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