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    • Marc is a great teaching professional.   I am a novice in every sense of the word.  My extent of golf knowledge is limited to Tiger Woods on Xbox.  What is great about Marc is that he takes the other sports or activities that you have done in the past and helps you apply those same fundamentals to your golf game.  I went from having zero knowledge golf or having ever played golf to hitting drives over 250 yards and straight.  He is exceptionally patient and breaks down the game in a manner that even lay people can grasp.  I would highly recommend him for any level of golfer.

      M.K. – Trinity, NY

  • Hi Marc,   I was in your store earlier this week and bought a Ping G30 driver. You also gave me a few tips.  I wanted you to know that I hit some balls last night, using the new driver and your tips, and was very pleased with the results.  Those words of wisdom you shared have made a nice difference in how I’m hitting the ball and the driver is a nice fit for my swing.  Thanks again for your suggestions and advice!                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bert Fett  – Director, ABC Full Circle


    • Marc is a great instructor. I just thought I should lead off with that so that there’s no guessing. I took three hours of lessons over two different sessions and had considerable improvement in every aspect of my game. The last time I had played golf prior to the lessons I was easily a 25-30 handicap. I played five rounds within three weeks of taking those quick lessons and was instantly down to a 13 handicap, and even had my first 80 . No bs, honest to god, HUGE IMPROVEMENTS all over the course.

      Nick H. – Brooklyn, NY

  • I went to Marc after having given up Golf for 2 years, so he as good as started from scratch with me. Extremely patient (even when i felt impatient with myself), I really liked the way he explained the theory, then the practical aspect of what i was doing wrong so the correction would stay in your mind. And he helps strategise your game for you, knowing your strengths and what will not be your strengths, which to my mind is very important. Marc has made me aware of multiple aspects that can impact my shots when i am playing – by dissecting my shots later and getting me to understand what went wrong and how i can address it better.I personally saw a huge improvement in my game. And cant thank Marc enough for this.

S.N. – Manhattan, NY

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  1. I came to Marc as a mid-handicapper (11) who got around the course pretty well, but had yet to take that next big leap forward into single digit scoring rounds. I was very worried about taking lessons, because I believed that the instructor would rebuild my swing from scratch, and I would lose all the time and effort I had put into my game. Boy, was I surprised by Marc. He built upon the things I was good at, and helped me adjust the things I needed to improve on, and the results were immediate. I am driving the ball 20 yards further, and striking the ball cleaner and more consistenly through contact. Golf has become fun again, which is easy, when you are scoring well. Marc is highly recommended !!!

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