Marc W’s Story

My journey to golf and ultimately starting Golf Lessons NYC  begins with my deep competitive spirit. I have thrived on athletic competition my entire life.   Prior to golf,  I played college lacrosse for New England College.  I was captain of the team for two of my four years playing varsity lacrosse and was selected the MVP for the East-West All-Star Lacrosse Game my senior year.

After college, I suffered  career ending injuries which left me feeling a deep sense of loss. I had to relearn how to channel my passionate drive for competition.

My father introduced me to the game of golf.  I had hacked around at it as an adolescent but never really had given it a shot. I made the commitment and started to play regularly with my dad.  In golf, I found that sense of competition that had motivated me so effectively while playing lacrosse.   Due to my athletic abilities, I took to the game rather quickly.

At 25, I got hired at a golf course in Florida which ended up being the key to my development.   I practiced and played constantly with other aspiring professionals,  all of us with the goal of playing on the professional tours.  It took time, dedication and incredible commitment to achieve success at the professional level.  I l worked harder and smarter than  anyone else, which was consistent with every sport I play and excel at.

Over the past 2 decades, I have immersed myself into learning everything I could about the game of golf, the golf swing, the mental game, and just about anything else related to the game of golf.

As a career athlete, I have taken the knowledge that I know about the body and being athletic and have created a style of coaching and teaching that is very simple to understand. It’s about adapting the fundamentals of golf to the individual’s own athletic ability.

There is an education you go through in learning how to swing the golf club. I’ll give you that education. I look forward to every student that walks through my door and take pride in delivering outstanding value to all of you that I teach.

Thank You

Marc W Golf